Wheelchair Suppliers to Retirement Homes

Customized Mobility doesn’t just sell wheelchairs to individuals. We are a full line wheelchair supplier for your organization such as retirement homes.  If you are looking for wheelchair suppliers you have found the right place! We understand that every facility is different and unique and we work with you to create something special and personal.

  If you are the purchasing manager for a retirement and you are interested in what we can do for your facility then contact us today to find out more.

Customized Mobility has many options available to serve your staff and guests better.  We can actually match wheelchairs, rollators and canes to your facility.  We use custom graphics, matching colors and we will add something extra special.

We can add custom components like our innovative magazine rack, or our bold new yarn storage unit, which stores multiple rolls of yarn all within reach.

Some of our unique retirement home wheelchairs include all the amenities that make your guests more comfortable and generally make their lives easier. Customized Mobility is a wheelchair supplier that offers huge discounts on multiple units and offers a total custom mobility aide that you will love to have in the lobby of your retirement home.

Innovate and incorporate- this is what we do for businesses and communities requiring multiple wheelchair units.  We use our innovative process to incorporate business logos, advertising messages, or just to go with the decor.  Using this same process we can create matching wheelchair’s, rollators and canes!  Imagine having all three showing your company’s look and feel!!  Only Customized Mobility can do this.


Treat your guests with a little extra care and comfort and contact Customized Mobility today.  Your favorite wheelchair suppliers for any type of facility including retirement homes, nursing homes, hospitals and more.  Give us a call and we will meet with you and figure our exactly what your needs are.  There are no limits here!!

You do not have to accept the normal, unexciting mobility aide anymore.  Customized mobility is here to save you from that.  We are available Monday through Friday to serve you better.  Call us and we will get started on your custom creation!