Happy Holidays from Customized Mobility

Unique & Personalized Christmas Gift Ideas from Customized Mobility

That is right the Holiday Season is upon us again. This year you can give a very unique and personalized Christmas Gift from Customized Mobility.  We offer a wide range of personalized gift ideas for anyone with mobility problems.  Wheelchair users, rollator and cane users as well.  We can create a special Christmas gift this year that will last!

Customized Wheelchairs

Wheelchair OR All American Wheelchair  As you can see you have a choice of either ordinary, or EXTRAORDINARY!!  Only Customized Mobility has the resources to take a regular idea and turn it into something special and memorable.  We can personalize a wheelchair for the user by using custom graphics and special components that we make.  Put all this together and you have a very unique Christmas gift for a very unique person!  Our goal is to add to the personality of the person and make them as comfortable as possible.  All this is possible using creativity only found at Customized Mobility!

Our wheelchairs are crafted of the finest materials for comfort, style, and elegance.  Call us today and we can design one just for you, or the one you love this Christmas Season.

We also offer great additions such as our wheel covers, specialty mount on holders (iPad, MP3 player etc.) too, so be sure and ask us what we can do for you.


Customized Rollators

Rollator OR  Customized Rollator We are sorry to report that we will no longer be able to customize walkers/rollators. We can still order you one, but it cannot be customized. We can add things like a cane holder, cup holder, flashlight, or order certain colors and sizes. That is what we have been limited to due to concerns out of our control.

Here we design an extremely personalized rollator that is not only useful, but will show the character of the user. Let’s start with the graphics plate on the front. Here is our exclusive process to add digital pictures of personal family and friends, or pets, favorite quotations, or whatever you can think of that best describes the person using the rollator. We then combine them into a collage of photos with a custom background that best suits the look. After that we add two important features a mounted, but removable flashlight and cup holder.

More options include custom colors, or camouflage patterns, the options in sizes and weights and weight limits.  We offer all sizes from childrens to adult and bariatric.  Call us today and see what is possible!

Rollators are proving to be the choice over a regular walker because of the added benefits such as four wheels for added stability and easier to operate.  The seat offers a convenient rest spot when needed and the easy to operate brakes are for even more safety.

Customized Walking Canes

Walking Cane OR Customized Cane Customized walking canes only offered by Customized Mobility are a sight to see.  We take your favorite digital images and create an exquisite and stylish walking cane that the user will love to take out and show!  Our exclusive carbon fiber walking canes are lightweight, but very stable.  Of course, we also offer hardwood canes and aluminum in many sizes too.

Perfect for showing off the Grandchildren, or the whole family to others.  Call us and let us get started on your customized mobility aid today!!

Happy Holidays from Customized Mobility

Happy Holidays to everyone from Customized Mobility.  We hope to be of service to you by providing the most personalized and custom mobility aid this year, so the memory will last for years to come. These Christmas gift ideas are perfect for the one who has everything.  This is a unique gift idea that the whole family can be part of.  Get them together, call us and let’s get the ultimate mobility aid started just in time for Christmas.

Please keep in mind that it takes up to three weeks to complete some projects, so call us today!