Take all your favorite games with you and play anywhere!

Customized Mobility would like to introduce another popular choice in customized wheel chairs for the person who loves to play games. We call it “The Game Changer.” We created this master piece out of the idea that the user could take his or her favorite games to play with them where ever and play whenever!

hAs you can see we are a totally different kind of mobility aid provider. Customized Mobility, LLC specializes in unique custom creations that will make your life easier and more comfortable. The Game Changer is simply another amazing creation meant to bring more fun and a little challenge to your life.


There is more than meets the eye to this one, a closer look will reveal a mounted game box on the back with 12 different board type games and on the front we mounted a cradle to carry a cribbage board and two extra decks of cards. The cribbage board itself has a flip up lid with the pegs and deck of cards right in it. We put it in an easy to access position so the user can play at any time and at any place. Of course we put some pretty detailed graphics to let everyone know you are serious about playing games!


Let’s take a look at what we did:

1)Mounted Game Box on back
2)Mounted cribbage board plus extra cards
3)Custom wheel cover graphics on back
4)Front wheel covers are poker chips
5)Extra cool graphics just for card playing enthusiasts

You can only find this kind of a unique and customized wheelchair at Customized Mobility! It is what we specialize in. You can purchase this one as it is, or we can customize it further to your interests! Call us today and we can start building yours today!


Custom graphics