When you just want to ROCK you want to contact Customized Mobility to build and design a rockin’ customized wheelchair to match your personality.

Hey, you’re a rebel and we get it!  Flames, Cross Bones, Heavy Metal, Rock bands (when they actually played music, Motley Crue, Led Zeplin, Iron Maiden, you know what we’re talking about.

Guitar WheelchairLove to play an instrument?  How about the guitar?  Of course Customized Mobility was the first and only company to specially design and build a guitar wheelchair.  We attached the guitar, the amplifier and everything you need to play at will!  Look at it here-GUITAR WHEELCHAIR!

We can make you one too! Almost any wheel chair can be customized to your personality. All sizes from children to adult, manual, or electric.  Your mobility aid will keep up with your lifestyle!



Drum Wheel chair If you love to play a musical instrument, or if you just love the music Customized Mobility can customize a wheel chair around you!  Never accept the same kind of mobility aid someone else has when you have your own personality. Let us help you show the world what makes up the real YOU!


 We know that the passion of the music, the drive to learn and feel great is inside you and we want to build you something that will compare to that.  On stage, out side,or anywhere show off the things that make you unique.



Don’t take chances and let someone build you a wheel chair that another person has too.  You are a one of a kind and Customized Mobility will help show the world that fact!  It’s what we do.

What do you play? Drums, guitar, clarinet, do you sing, are you just the world’s largest fan?  Tell your story without having to say a word and contact us today. Bring all your ideas and let us make it reality.