Customized Mobility specializes in customizing and personalizing wheelchairs of all sizes including pediatric and childrens sizes. A wheel chair that come come to life with the kid’s personality attached is a memorable image we love storing.

Forget the plain and ordinary. Why not go for Amazing and Extraordinary? Choose from our selection of wheelchair designs especially designed for children. Many sizes and colors available and we can have it sent to your door within a couple of day!

Let them be who they are and let them express themselves with our stand out images and themes. We are always adding to our line of custom wheel chairs and we always accept new ideas and concepts. Be sure to come back often to see all our models, or feel free to send us a concept and we’ll present it to the Customized Mobility team for possible production.

You can shop for a girl, or a boy, or any one of our collection lines to find the favorite wheelchair of all pediatrics and children.

Girl’s Theme Pediatric Wheelchairs

Boy’s Theme Pediatric Wheelchairs

Popular Children’s Theme Pediatric Wheel Chairs

Wheelchair LED Light Kits

Customized Mobility wheelchair accessories LED light kits: