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Customized Wheelchairs

This is what sets us apart from any other wheelchair dealer in the world.  We customize and personalize wheelchairs to fit the lifestyle of the user.  Only Customized Mobility can take a simple wheelchair and turn it into something awesome!  Check out what we can do for you!  All sizes, any color, your lifestyle brought closer to you!

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Customized Rollators/Walkers

We are sorry to report that we will no longer be able to customize walkers/rollators. We can still order you one, but it cannot be customized. We can add things like a cane holder, cup holder, flashlight, or order certain colors and sizes. That is what we have been limited to due to concerns out of our control.


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Customized Walking Canes

You don’t have to complain because your cane is plain! Customized Mobility can do something about it!  We add custom graphics, such as family pictures, designer styles and more and transform an ordinary cane into an extraordinary one!  You choose the type of cane- natural wood, carbon fiber, or aluminum and you choose the pictures, or graphics and we do the rest!

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Our customized mobility aids are designed just for you. We add style, comfort and convenience to all our mobility aids. To learn more about what we can do for you, or for more information about our products visit Customized Mobility’s home page.

Camo Cane

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We have a vast array of camo options. Contact us for more information