Helen Devos & Customized Mobility

Here is what we did for Helen Devos Childrens Hospital

The new Helen Devos Children’s Hospital is a new $268 million dollar facility located in the Medical Mile in Grand Rapids Michigan. We contacted them with our new idea and they thought is was an amazing concept for the little boys and girls. Customized Mobility got started right away with design and fabrication for the ultimate wheel chair for children.

Helen Devos Wheelchair for KidsCustomized Mobility toured the hospital and decided we must do our best to help these kids get better. We are not doctors, so we cannot heal any sickness, but we can make the children as comfortable as possible! That is exactly what we did.

We started with a colorful chair in bright yellow and came up with creative and fun ideas the kids will love.  As you can see we added a multitude of activities we knew they would enjoy while being in the hospital.  We believed we could lift their spirits and take their minds off the problem and help them play and have fun.

Customized Mobility did this by mounting a Blu-Ray player, a Barnes and Noble Nook eBook reader, and a special teddy bear from the Build-A-Bear company and gave it a seat so it could ride with the child.

We then made two “toy boxes” that fit in the front and the back of the chair.  These carry books, movies and the new Leapster 2 learning game system.  We also included a set of walkie talkies, so they can always communicate with Mom and Dad while away from the room!

Helen Devos Childrens HospitalIt didn’t stop there.  We made several custom graphics to go on the chair as well.  All the favorites including Mickey Mouse, Toy Story, Sponge Bob and our custom wheel covers that was a scene right from the ocean floor.  We thought it would be fun for the kids to look at all the colorful salt water fish.  All in all this project was a great success.

The children at the hospital often have to leave their room for hours at a time for certain testing.  Now they can ride in style and have something to do instead of being scared.  They can get their mind off the problem and have some fun!!  The chair looks real busy, but everything was designed to be out of the way.  Everything can move and be taken off and put back on if needed with very little trouble.

Only Customized Mobility can customize such a wheelchair just for children!! If you are interested in something similar contact us today and we will get started!


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