Gold Series Gold Plated Wheelchairs

Custom Gold Plated Wheelchairs only by Customized Mobility

Introducing the most luxurious line of wheelchairs in the world only offered by Customized Mobility, LLC.  Our latest and most desirable custom wheelchair line the Gold Series made possible by our unique design and expert eye for detail.

If you are ready to step out of the ordinary routine and make your mobility aid extraordinary then this line is just for you!  For sure to grab attention and make a bold statement!  Take the step and call us today and let’s get started on your unique design.

We use a special technique to gold plate in 10K-14K- or 24k gold!  We can do part, or all of the wheelchair.  Electric and manual.  Only Customized Mobility has the ability to make your life better and more glamorous with our “Gold Series” wheelchair line.

Gold Starting with just a call to Customized Mobility we can start an elegant wheel chair build that you can call your own!  Your mobility aid speaks volumes about you.  Are you dull and lifeless, or are you filled with life, exciting to be around and have a very flamboyant personality?  If you are interested in our gold series, we know the answer.

Don’t be afraid to express yourself and “Go for the Gold!”



Gold Plating on Wheelchairs

We can gold plate parts of a wheelchair as well as the entire frame.  Many options to make it your own style.  This highly unique line of customization comes in many forms.  We can do partial gold plating to covering every inch of a mobility aid.  Using our capabilities anyone can make the “WOW!” statement.



Gold Plated Wheelchair This is an example of a shiny gold plated wheelchair.  Our process of using 24k gold and applying a finishing coat to protect it from scratching and wear.  We can do this process to manual wheelchairs as well as electric wheel chairs and scooters of all sizes!  Customized Mobility specializes in customizing mobility aids and this is our most exclusive line of wheel chairs.

All sizes and style of wheelchairs can be customized.  We work with the fabric, the wheels, the frame and the entire package to make one magnificent mobility aid that you will be proud of!

Give us a call today and our designers will get to work building your very own customized wheelchair!


24k, 14k and 10k gold plating, custom upholstery and more can be yours with the help of Customized Mobility’s “Gold Series” wheel chairs.

Our only limitation is imagination! Contact us today and we can get started on your mobility aid.