Gift Ideas for Mom- Dad- And Even Grandparents

Make this any Holiday, or birthday special.  Get Mom, Dad, or even the Grandparents something they can actually use!  Get them one of our customized wheelchairs, rollators, or walking canes.  Using our innovative process we can add graphics and specialized add on components that will make their everyday lives easier.

We can add pictures of the family and put them on a cane, place them on a graphics plate to be mounted onto a rollator, or customize a wheelchair that just makes life easier for them.

Only Customized Mobility has this awesome technology to turn an average mobility aide into something special.

Customized WheelchairTake for instance our special customized wheelchairs.  We take a wheelchair from a popular manufacturer and turn it into a work of art.  This is one of our most popular production models, we call it “The Shopper.”  It has a gel padded seat, an umbrella/cane holder, extra storage on the back, under the seat and even on the side and a cup holder. Perfect to put everything you need within reach!

This model starts at $699.00.  It can be customized further to meet the needs of our clients, such as adding digital photos in strategic places throughout the chair. We offer cost effective solutions as well as high end luxury models. Call us for more details!

Guitar WheelchairFor someone very special who loves the guitar we also have created the world’s first “Guitar Wheelchair.”  That is correct, we mounted an electric guitar and amplifier to a wheelchair.  If you know someone with disability issues, but still loves music this is perfect!  It comes complete with an Invacare wheelchair, Dean electric guitar, Line 6 ac/dc powered amp and all the mounting components.

This is a special order model and starts at $899.00.  For more information please contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you in any way possible.

See our Customized Wheelchairs 

Customized Walking CaneOur other unique Christmas gift idea for Mom, Dad, or your Grandparents is our special walking canes.  Customized Mobility has an innovative process to place digital pictures on our high quality walking canes.  We simply use photos you provide, place them on a decorative background and attach them to a cane.

We use a very strong vinyl print and laminate it.  Using a powerful glue your print will stick and will stand up against moisture and banging around.

Walking CaneWe offer a wide variety of canes with different lengths, handles, and materials.  Aluminum, wood, and composite are the most common types.  You order with your preference and send us the digital photos you want to use with whatever type of background and we take it from their.

There are so many types of canes that it is hard to give estimate pricing.  Most canes start out at $129.00.

See our Customized Walking Canes 

Customized Mobility offers some very useful and unique Christmas gift ideas for Mom, Dad, Grandparents, or anyone in need of a mobility aide.  This year get them something useful.  Get all the brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts and uncles to chip in a little bit and get them a gift they will always remember.

Contact us today and will get your gift created by their special day!