mca side view 600In our research we have found that many people using mobility aids do not get out much to restaurants, shopping, hotels, etc. because they have to tote around a heavy bulky wheel chair, or find someone to help them.  Plus the user many times doesn’t like the look of it either.  Here is where your business can stand out. You can provide them with a customized wheelchair that he, or she can use while visiting your establishment.  This brings your business more customers and the user enjoys their stay and comes back for repeat business!  Best of all, you will have one of a kind chair that no one else will ever have.  Your customers will thank you by coming back frequently.

Now only offered at Customized Mobility, LLC you can have your own exclusive line of customized wheelchairs for your business.  We are welcoming dealers and businesses of all sizes to have us design and manufacture your own line of wheel chairs.

Perfect For:

Any business can benefit

Theme Parks/Amusement Parks
Zoos and aquariums
Your Name-Your Ad
Retirement Homes
Shopping Malls
General Stores
Arenas, sporting events facilities

We will sit down with you to meet your specific needs and give you the best price on any size, or multiple size personalized wheelchairs for your business!  Imagine either re-selling, or having a stock of these mobility aids for your customers. (Perfect for showing your brand around town, or at events too!)

Customized Mobility can turn your brand into a rolling advertising billboard.  Colors, graphics, logo and more just for your company.

That is right, you can have your own line that no one else will ever have as well as the exclusive rights to the design.  Customized Mobility will produce to your specific needs or desires and give you the best price for multiple orders.  We have the technology and staff that will set up an assembly line just for your business or dealership.

Mobility aids such as wheelchair’s, manual or electric are an enormous business opportunity and we can help make that happen.

res wheelchairWhen it comes to personalization and customization no one does it better than us.  We will put your company logo, or message on the chair in a very eye pleasing manner so you can get the most return and people will know about your business. We will incorporate as much about the dealer as possible.

We keep in mind style and comfort.  Whether you are introducing a new product, donating to charity, or want to become a dealer you cannot lose with Customized Mobility on your side.  If you want to know more contact us today to speak with one of our representatives and get started.

Our designers will take the necessary time to get you just what you need and an amazing wheel chair that will meet your demands.

Keep in mind there is no minimum, or maximum order!  Just let us know when you need more and we will take care of everything.  We build, we ship, you win!  Nothing can be easier!!

Contact us today for more details, or to get started on an exclusive customized wheelchair for your business or dealership. We are here to help you every step of the way!

There is a lot of open canvas that we will incorporate your business into a mobility aid and you can show the world what you are all about.

Any size from standard adult to children’s sizes to larger adults. We have luxury models, sporting models, and many more. Give us a call, or email us to the address below to find out more!

Luxury Wheelchair

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