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We have an awesome new way to customize your walking cane.  We add your favorite digital pictures throughout the cane shaft, so you can always take your family and friends with you every step you take.

We take a new approach to customization that will sure to please the toughest critic.  Our custom walking canes make a great gift idea too!

Here is what we can do for you.  We add up to eight digital pictures in any type of background, so you can see your favorite people or places anytime.  We can also make up a background setting with your special interests. We use a vinyl laminated print, so it will withstand the weather and years of use.

For example, you can add pictures of your Grandchildren, we can make an American Flag, camouflage with Army or Marines insignia, or anything you can think of we can do it.

Customized Mobility will add your pictures and arrange them in a way so every turn of the cane you will see your most memorable moments captured in time.

Prices starting at $129.95! They make a great addition to your mobility collection, or a great gift idea.

Here are a few types of canes we offer:

  Our wooden and carbon fiber cane selection features sturdy construction, comfort grip handles and a few choices in variations in the type of handle, i.e. standard curve, or special grip. We offer almost any type, but our most popular is the carbon fiber due to its strength and it’s lightweight. Call us today and we can start on your cane today!





 These are our adjustable canes.  Your choice of either a fixed length, or an adjustable height is offered at Customized Mobility.






Here is all you need to do to order.  Have a selection of pictures you want to add and an idea of a background and call us.  We will show you how to send them to us electronically and that is it.  We will totally customize it for you and ship it right to your door.  If you do not have an idea in mind tell us a particular theme and we will create it for you.  It really is that simple!  If you require a certain type of handle or bottom tip let us know and we will get it for you.  It all can be done at Customized Mobility!

Our graphics are printed and laminated on vinyl print, so it is durable and will last a long time!

Here is just an example of what we can do.  We took digital pictures of the Grandchildren and family and placed them throughout the cane in every direction on a background, so you will see them at every angle. Any type of graphics, or digital images can be put on the cane. We are only limited by imagination!



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Order your customized walking cane today!!!