Fun & Popular Custom Wheelchair Accessories

Thanks to Customized Mobility, LLC you can now add your own personal touch to our custom wheelchair accessories. Making your wheelchair a fun and functional machine! By completing your mobility aid with our cushions, cup holders, LED lights, and much more you add style and comfort.

We have the wheelchair accessories to make your life easier and more enjoyable. If you have a special need that is not listed here, just let us know. Customized Mobility specializes in making custom components to meet those needs.

IV poles, oxygen tank holders, gloves, bags, wheelchair trays, cushions, you name we got it! We also fabricate mobility aid accessories to match your lifestyle.

Let’s take a look at “some” of the custom accessories we can do for you!

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First off, the crew at Customized Mobility is only limited by imagination!  Yours and ours.  We use graphics, digital pictures, customize upholstery and add all the personal touches you can imagine.  Our wheelchair accessories become an extension of YOU!

We strive to match your mobility aid to your lifestyle.  No matter what you are into, Nascar, hunting, motorcycles, knitting, or whatever Customized Mobility can build it!  Ok, here we go-

 Customized Seat cushions-  This is a very practical addition to our wheelchairs.  We use either memory foam, or gel for maximum comfort.  The best part is the fact that we use embroidery to make it yours.  Initials, full names, picture of a pet, or whatever we can think of to create a special seat cushion.


Customized Wheels & Wheel Covers- Here we can do a few different styles. We can do an elegant style with a multiple of choices, we can also do custom wheel covers using any graphics, or pictures you would like and we can even add spinners!  The choice is yours.

Upholstery- Who wants just a plain black or blue seat and back?  No one.  We can re-upholster the fabric to match the color scheme of the chair. Designs, patterns, multiple colors.  This is just another way to tie in the “theme” of the wheel chair.


LED Lights- This really sets us apart from anyone!  We can light up a wheelchair in a pattern, in an under glow fashion, or to decorate a pattern.  Anything that we can think of can be done here with LED lights.

This bears repeating, we are only limited by our imagination.  Yours and ours! We can promise you will not be disappointed.  You can turn the focus from the disability to the work of art which is a part of you.

Personal Vinyl Graphics- Ok, this is a very broad statement.  We can add any type of graphics you can think of!  Personal photos, family pictures, creative art graphics, or anything!  Our graphics team consists of some of the brightest in the industry.  You do not have to settle for what everyone else has!  You can make your mobility aid truly YOURS!!

Sports, colors, abstract, favorite quotes, famous celebrities, whatever you are in the mood for we can create.  Remember this mobility aid is yours, so make sure it is an extension of your personality!

Custom Made Components- We love to see people happy and this is the area that we excel in. Making custom parts to make your life easier, more enjoyable, more comfortable.

Take for instance our Guitar Wheelchair. We make special components to hold a guitar and amplifier right on the wheelchair so the user never has to leave the chair to play his/her favorite instrument!  Leave it to Customized Mobility to create such an awesome.

Again, this something that we are limited only by creative thought!






Audio/Video Equipment-  Just when you thought we couldn’t do any more!!  Yes, Customized Mobility can also mount audio and video equipment such as the popular iPod, GPS systems, laptop computers, portable DVD/Blu-Ray players and we can make this all functional and easy to operate where you sit.

Common Accessories- cup holders, storage bags, umbrella/cane holders, IV poles, oxygen tank holders. We want your life to be easier. One way to do this is to bring the things you need within reach.  We will design a complete system for you.  Our goal is a better life for those in need of a little assistance.

This is only a small sample of what can be done through Customized Mobility.  We will do everything we can to make your mobility aid more functional, more stylish and present an extension of your personality.  We want you to enjoy a better lifestyle. One with more independence, more comfort and an all around YOU!


Give us a call today and we will give you a no obligation quote on a great new customized lifestyle wheelchair you can call your own.

We would love to hear your ideas too! Call us to see what we can do for you.