Customized Rollator Gallery

 ROLLATOR- (A walker with 4 wheels, brakes, and a seat.)

We can take an ordinary rollator, or walker and turn it into something extraordinary!!  Not only can we customize and personalize your mobility aide, but we also make it functional.  Our innovative process will allow you to move with ease and style without big bulky equipment.  Our rollators have an average weight of 12 to 19lbs!  Easy to take with you anywhere!
1)Use it in grass, on the road, down the sidewalk, in the mall, at the store and so onThe tough four-wheel design will handle most terrains without any problems.  They offer more options such as a seat, a carry basket and more than the normal walker. We specifically chose this type for several reasons.

2)Sturdy construction with a seat and a back support.  Also has easy to pull hand brakes
3)Folds up for easy storage
4)Several color options are available like red, burgundy, blue, silver, etc.
5)Lightweight- between 12-19lbs

We have a virtual limitless amount of options when it comes to the customization of our rollators.  All you need is an idea and we can take it from there.  If you have a certain “theme”, or perhaps you want to make a mirage of pictures of the latest family gathering, or the Grandkids, we can do it.


Special Needs Rollators and Walkers

We also carry an extensive line of special needs rollators and walkers.  Childrens sizes to adult sizes all available and shipped right to your door! Inquire by contacting us today!  We will find what you need.


We are sorry to report that we will no longer be able to customize walkers/rollators. We can still order you one, but it cannot be customized. We can add things like a cane holder, cup holder, flashlight, or order certain colors and sizes. That is what we have been limited to due to concerns out of our control.

Take a look at our gallery below for some great ideas and if you have any questions, comments, or if you would like a custom rollator for yourself please feel free to contact us and we will get started on your order.  Click on an image to make it larger.


3 Wheel Rollator