Customized Wheelchairs

Here is where we build what you dream.  Nothing is impossible.  Customized Mobility builds some of the most personalized and customized wheelchairs in the world.  We know that each individual person has unique needs and a special lifestyle.  We want to build you a custom made wheelchair to meet all your needs.  We only offer the best quality and highest standard materials.  When you buy from us you buy the best!  We add your lifestyle to a customized wheelchair. All sizes, adult, children’s and kids and bariatric available.

  • First, you can choose on of our already made custom creations. We continually challenge ourselves to build a better and more useful wheelchair. We build and give each one a unique name that signifies what it was built for. We offer them in many sizes, colors and can even put your pets and Grandchildren’s picture on them. Take a look at some of our work and you’ll be amazed at what we can do. If you have a particular “theme” our design group can come with some awesome ideas!  The best part is buying one of our custom made wheelchairs will not break the bank. We have a very tight streamlined operation with little overhead and we pass those savings onto you. We can take your digital pictures and place them in strategic places around the wheelchair.
  • A second option is to contact us with a special need or requirement. We aim to fit your lifestyle and maximize your comfort and well being. It is possible to add your favorite digital photos, favorite background such as the American Flag, or the USMC logo and place it throughout the chair so everyone can see it. We build for businesses and personal customers and because of our streamlined process we can do it at a price lower than what you might think. Give us a call and see what we can do for you. Nothing is impossible and Customized Mobility will build exactly what you need at a reasonable price. You dream it, we customize! It really is that simple.


brochure wheelchair insideHere are some unique wheelchair “Theme” ideas we can build:

  1. Nascar Wheelchair-For those obsessed with the thunder and roar of race cars. Specially ordered with your favorite driver’s number and the look and feel of Nascar.
  2. Outdoors man– Here we add camouflage, an accessory for a fishing pole, lots of storage for the things you need to make the outdoors enjoyable.
  3. Corporate– Our technicians can take a corporate theme and build around it. With a careful eye for detail and comfort this can advertise your business.
  4. The Organizer– We add loads of storage and comfort features in this one. Great for shopping trips, or for a student. This is one of our more popular wheelchair’s.
  5. The Smart Chair– Our highest tech chair. Comes with a mounted iPod Touch, a mounted Notebook computer and extra storage. Great for connecting online while on the go!
  6. The Guitar Wheel Chair– Yes we have a way for you to carry your guitar and play it whenever you want. Operates on a battery powered amplifier and custom made guitar mount. Comes with amplifier, guitar, guitar tuner, picks and more can be added like flames and rock and roll memorabilia.
  7. Designer Series– Do you have a favorite Designer? We can tailor to that. An example is our “Coach” series. We use the Coach brand throughout the chair and even includes a Coach purse! Very elegant and stylish.
  8. Children’s Wheelchairs– We even take care of the little ones. We add special features like portable DVD players, eBook readers and books and the list goes on. Fun colors and activities to keep them entertained.

You can see we have some awesome custom wheelchairs. These are only a few ideas we can build. If you want a certain theme let us know and we’ll get started! Contact Us Today!!

See some of our Customized Wheelchair Accessories


A small sample of our customized wheelchair’s


wheelchair smaller v




The Organizer– Perfect for the on the go kind of person who loves to shop, or the student. Packed full of comfort features including loads of storage within reach and a comfortable seat. Check it out and see all the features.






Guitar Wheelchair– Customized Mobility has created the world’s first Guitar Wheelchair. We have mounted an electric guitar and amp onto an Invacare wheelchair. All is included! We can build a customized one for you too using your specifications!.







Customized Children’s Wheelchair– We specially customized this children’s wheelchair for the new Helen Devos Childrens Hospital. We mounted a DVD player, Nook eBook reader, stuffed animal carrier, two toy boxes and more! Awesome project for an awesome new hospital for children.







The All American Wheel Chair– We love to show how proud we are of our countries colors.  Take a look at this original from Customized Mobility.  Mounted flag, flag box, custom wheel covers with flashing LED light and more!







The Game Changer Custom Wheelchair With this exclusive custom made mobility aid we put all your favorite games in one place so you can play anywhere, anytime! We mounted a game box on the back, a cribbage board on the front and of course plenty of custom graphics!


Here are a few of our luxury models. The ultimate in comfort and design, we even have sporty units that enable you to get out and move. Wheelchairs starting at $999 only from Customized Mobility.


Custom Wheelchair seat cushion

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