Goodwill Salvation ArmyDoes your business or corporation love to help out the community and offer charity donations to a local or national organization? Then Customized Mobility can help you out with this noble decision.

Every year companies give back to their communities by offering a great donation of time, or services and sometimes money gifts. We have a special way for you to give back and help out your company.

Your charitable and tax deductible gift can be for adults, or children.  Customized Mobility, LLC create mobility aides for all ages and all sizes.


Here Is What We Can Do For Your Business or Corporation:

  1. Customize a wheelchair with your logo and message.
  2. We will deliver this to you, or right to your charitable donation location for you.
  3. We will make all the arraignments necessary for you to sponsor an event, person, or entire organization.
  4. Customized Mobility will take care of all the work for you and the wheelchair will have your name on it, so the charity donation will be from your business.
  5. We will make sure your company is properly represented.  Your name is on it, so we want it perfect because it also represents Customized Mobility.

Think of it this way. In essence we will take your logo and turn it into a moving ad to better show off your business and make it visible to more people because someone will be using the wheelchair all the time and your corporation benefits as well as the person using it.

If you donate money it will be spent within minutes, but if you want something to last a wheelchair is the perfect charity gift. Imagine this, your company sponsors an event and the only people to see your message are those in attendance that day. If you have your sponsored wheelchair it will be seen by people all over for years to come.

It is a win, win situation for your company. Charity donations from your business or corporation from Customized Mobility will show how much your company cares about the community and your message will be seen by more people.


Popular Charity Organizations For Donations:

  1. Ronald McDonald House
  2. Special Olympics
  3. Goodwill Industries
  4. Make A Wish Foundation
  5. The Children’s Society
  6. Salvation Army
  7. Local Hospital
  8. Children’s Hospitals
  9. Doctor’s Offices


Special OlympicsEveryday people need mobility aids. From young to old. A wheelchair can be a burden to afford for many families and by donating a corporate sponsored wheel chair will benefit everyone involved. Using our special capabilities your charitable donation will be professional looking and fully functional. We use the best materials and the best people!

Customized Mobility will draw up plans with your logo, message, or whatever you have in mind for a great looking wheelchair. We use graphics, special designs and more to bring your donation to life!




We offer several donation levels to help make donating easy and affordable and so everyone can join in the experience! This is where everyone can see your donation at work.

Imagine your business being advertised everywhere the user goes. It is a rolling advertisement working for your company at all times. Plus it will show how much you care.

To participate in this event all you need to do is call us and we take care of the rest. We work with the charities and organizations to deliver a special custom mobility aid to a lucky recipient! We hold essay contests, drawings and more.  Call Customized Mobility today and we can show you how much better this is for your donations.



If you would like to know more please contact us today and we will get started.  Typically a customized corporate wheelchair build will take about three weeks to complete.  A lot of work goes into one and special attention to detail is always important, so we make sure it is right the first time.  When you buy from us we will make certain your company is properly recognized and memorable.