Why Buy Custom Mobility Aids?

Customized Mobility is the only company to take an ordinary mobility aid and make it extraordinary!  By taking your lifestyle, interests, and more we bring together one amazing piece of art you will be proud of using anywhere!

We offer mobility aids including manual and electric wheelchairs from pediatric to bariatric size. Customized Mobility specializes in using personal interests, favorite digital pictures, colors, and we also make special add on components to make any mobility aid look like it was made for you.


Coming Soon! Childrens wheelchairs

Walking Canes

Electric Wheelchairs

Game Changer Customized Wheelchairalien sideCustom Canes

We have the ability to customize almost any mobility aid to match your personality and only Customized Mobility has the technology and trained staff to accomplish this.  Our professional team meets with our customers via telephone, or in person to design an awesome, yet personal mobility aid just for you!

This way the mobility aid will look like it was made just for you!  We put your lifestyle in motion!

Many people just dread the use of a mobility aid, but when we create a custom aid they will be proud of using it.  By placing digital pictures of family friends, favorite colors, or even making an add on component we make this all yours!

Contact us today and we will get started right away!  We will take all the time necessary to get exactly what you want and will make you feel great about your mobility aid.

Not only will Customized Mobility, LLC create an amazing detailed wheel chair for you, but we will also arrange the shipping to your door!  We take care of everything!!

There are virtually no limits on what we can do and all our products are of the highest quality and we never compromise that! Everything we make is very lightweight, but strong.  Our plastic is made from the same material used in bullet proof glass. Our graphics are printed on vinyl, not paper.  We take in every detail to personalize the perfect wheelchair, or walking cane for our customers.