World’s First Guitar Wheelchair by Customized Mobility

Rock N Roll Wheelchair with mounted guitar and amp!
That is correct, Customized Mobility has created the world’s first “Guitar Wheelchair.” We have made special mounting components to accommodate an Electric Guitar and amplifier. All of which are removable for maximum portability! You can take your guitar with you and play anywhere!! Only Customized Mobility can do that.

Notice the slim design. Nothing gets in your way of mobility. Simply reach behind you and pull out the guitar. We added the Dean guitar with its unique sound quality and only weighs 5lbs! Next adjust the Line 6 amp right below your seat and you can use AC or DC power, runs off 4 C batteries. We created this special unit with you in mind. Everything is well within reach and offers great sound, so you can jam anywhere!

We also left room for your customizations. You want more graphics, you got it! Just let us know what you are looking for and we will add it. This is not a prototype! Take immediate possession and “Rock N Roll.”

This is only a sample of what can be done.  Customized Mobility can design and build your lifestyle using several different models of wheelchairs.  Call us for more information!

If you require more special sizes, or graphics let us know and we will custom build your very own “Guitar Wheelchair.”

What’s Included:
-Dean electric guitar
-Line 6 AC/DC powered amplifier with auto tuner
-16×18 foldable Invacare wheelchair
-Removable swing away leg rests
-Removable arm rests
-Amplifier mount
-Guitar box mount