Welcome to Customized Mobility, LLC.  We are the only company to specialize in unique, one of a kind custom theme designed mobility aids including wheelchairs of all sizes for adults and pediatrics.

You are the starYOU ARE THE STAR of our show and we want to create something truly unique andAWESOME for each person, or business. You are here for a reason. You have searched for something to help your daily life improve, or you have a loved one with special needs that you want to help them. Customized Mobility is the answer. Customized Mobility designs for each client, so no one will have the same wheelchair as you.



We have a large assortment of customized mobility equipment on hand which you can see in our gallery, or if you desire a certain style, fashion, or anything please feel free to contact us and we will take the time to help you build exactly what you need and deliver it to you. The end result- “total theme integration” into all our custom creations, so it will fit your lifestyle. The best in comfort and design with you in mind!

Here’s what we do for you- we take a theme that you choose to fit your “Lifestyle” and customize a wheelchair, rollator, or walking cane around that idea. Our designers take graphics, fabricate special add on components, and make you an awesome mobility aid that you can call your own style! Customized Mobility fits your mobility aide to your lifestyle! We are a one of a kind company!

  • You no longer have to accept the same thing everyone else has
  • Put your personal touch to our mobility aids
  • Special Custom Pediatric Wheelchairs for lots of fun 
  • Instead of a regular mobility aid you can get what you want!
  • Only Customized Mobility can do this for you
  • Makes an excellent gift
  • Possibilities are ENDLESS!!
  • Great for Businesses too! Show your brand everywhere
  • At a price that is lower than you might think.
  • Add elegance, style, comfort, and much more! Call us today