Children's Wheelchairs

Customized Children's Wheelchairs

Childrens WheelchairHere is why Customized Mobility is the best at customizing wheelchairs for adults and kids alike. We take into consideration exactly what our customer needs and wants for maximum comfort.

Not only did we create a spectacular wheelchair for children, but we helped make their stay a little more enjoyable. We can do this for everyone!

We understand that children have a vast imagination and we love that about them. When you want the best for them simply contact us and we will get started. Our only limitation is imagination! 

Fun Accessories

Kids are carefree, fun loving, require excitement, want to be noticed and a whole bunch more FUN stuff! If you have a child with special needs Customized Mobility can be of enormous assistance. We can design a wheelchair around your child's personality, things they love to do and more!

Outerspace Kids Wheel ChairDoes your child love the fun stuff in life? Awesome because this is what we want to bring to them! Don't let a disability stop a kid from being a kid. Customized Mobility specializes in creating out of the ordinary mobility aids and we can do this to all sized wheelchairs.

Fun accessories like electronics, toy boxes, book carriers, stuffed animal holders and so much more. No one can do it like we can. Whatever you can think of, we will find a way to do it! All types of themes just waiting to be explored.

Imagination Station

Imagine all his, or her favorite things to do within reach. Motorcycles, cars, ponies, dolls we can do it.  Graphics, bright colors, shining lights and more.

Give us a call today and let's get started.  We are always excited to make a child smile ear to ear with excitement!  No where on Earth can you get a better match for your kid's imagination than Customized Mobility!

Monster Truck Wheelchair Whatever you can imagine, we will find a way to make it reality. Monster Trucks, Princess themes, you name it, we build it.

Just take a look at what we did for the Helen Devos Children's Hospital- Click to see the kid's wheelchair

Now we are making it even easier for you. We offer many payment options, but if you use PayPal you can take up to 6 months interest free!

Customized Childrens Wheelchair Kids Wheel Chair All Customized Wheelchair for Kids Wheelchair Customized
 Under glow lights, lights in the wheels. Don't be afraid to stand out! Even headlights! With the touch of a button you'll see all around. Total customization. Wheel covers, paint, cup holder, upholstery, cushion, LED lights and backpack!  Let your Native side out. We are only limited by imagination. 

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We want to make your life, or the life of a loved one the best it can be. You don't have to accept anything but the best!  We can add more comfort, style and convenience to your life.  We will bring your personality alive!