Customized Walkers/Rollators

Please note:we do not actually build rollators, we only add custom graphics and/or paint. We also have accessories like an attachable flash light holder, cane holder, or cup holder. We can do upholstery also, but we are only limited to the above mentioned

Customized Rollator from Customized MobilityCustomized Mobility has a unique design just for those who need a rollator, or walker. Basically a rollator is a walker but with wheels and a seat. This way you do not have to pick up and carry it for every step. Simply push along. They are lightweight and versatile. We offer them with many options such as easy to grip handles, brakes, and a seat. If you are one who needs a little stability while walking, or cannot walk for long periods of time then our walkers/rollators are perfect for you.

When we customise you will be proud to show off your new look. Our rollators are made of high quality materials, sturdy steel and aluminum construction, comfort designs and more.

We can take a regular rollator and make it personal. We can add digital pictures of your friends, family, or whatever you like. We can take a plain look and put in camouflage, the American flag, or anything you can imagine. You choose a "Theme" and we create an absolutely amazing package that you will love! Customized Mobility guarantees it!!


How To Build Your Custom Rollator

You choose your favorite color in a 3 wheel or 4 wheel rollator.
You choose your favorite digital pictures and send them along with your name to
 We will put together a "Theme" package and get your approval before we build it.
We offer many design ideas to fit your lifestyle
If you prefer please contact us with special request and we will build it for you!

Please feel free to contact us, we would love to hear from you!!


  Four Wheel Rollators- These come standard with many options for customization. Comfy seat, easy grip handles with brakes, a storage basket, a night light and a cup holder. Other options are available such as an umbrella/cane holder, a digital picture key chain, and more. We can actually put your digital pictures on the frame, so everyone can see!! Only Customized Mobility has the ability! Contact us today and we will start your build.


Custom Rollator Gallery


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